At Grand Bend (Ontario) a first jump is a freefall skydive with TWO instructors assisting, until the parachute is activated; the beginner steers the parachute with instructions via radio.

A first-time skydiver at Grand Bend enjoying a 25-second freefall

Gift Certificates available! The pictures and video below show a typical first skydive at GBSPC.

Looking for a unique gift for a special occasion? We sell gift certificates for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, Valentines Day and other occasions. The certificates are custom-printed with the recipient's name, a description of the jump package and illustrated with photos. The date is left open and can be chosen by the recipient for whenever is convenient. Gift Certificates have no expiry date

Call us for details at 1-800-363-JUMP(5867)

This site is intended to provide information for anyone interested in making a beginner skydive or buying it as a gift for a friend or relative. We're a convenient drive from anywhere in southern Ontario. Want to make a parachute jump safely? We'll teach you using the most modern and safest methods available.

If you've checked out other schools' sites, you may already know that there's quite a variety of operations out there that can provide an introduction to the sport of parachuting. At Grand Bend we offer the best first jump experience! These pictures show typical first jumps at GBSPC.

A gift certificate for a special someone