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Welcome to Grand Bend Sport Parachuting

At Grand Bend your first jump is a genuine freefall skydive. You’ll have two instructors holding your harness for the freefall and you’ll be solo under the parachute!

This site is intended to provide information for anyone interested in making a beginner skydive or buying it as a gift for a friend or relative. We're a convenient drive from anywhere in southern Ontario. Want to make a parachute jump safely? We'll teach you using the most modern and safest methods available. If you've checked out other schools' sites, you may already know that there's quite a variety of operations out there that can provide an introduction to the sport of parachuting. At Grand Bend we offer the best first jump experience!
Bob Wright

Your First Jump

A great example of what your first skydive will look like at Grand Bend Sport Parachuting Center!