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Beginner Pricing

Beginner Pricing

This page was written with the assumption that the reader has seen those parts of our site that describe the type of training that we use here at Grand Bend. If you’ve surfed in from somewhere else you might be expecting lower prices than what you’re about to see! Our methods are the most advanced available in the industry. We feel our procedures are the best and safest you’ll find anywhere. If you were hoping to do your first jump for about $300, sorry to disappoint you but that’s not the kind of jump we do here. You’ll need to find a place that does IAD or Static Line jumps (where the parachute opens immediately) to get that rate. If you were hoping to do a freefall on your first jump after a few minutes of “training” then you’ll have to do a “tandem” (basically a ride) – something which we also don’t offer. If you want two instructors to help you do a genuine freefall skydive followed by a solo parachute descent where you’re in charge then it’s going to take a few hours to learn, it’s going to take more aircraft and “people” time and that translates into a bit more money. You might want to ask yourself- when it comes to jumping from an airplane, is it really smart to do it the cheapest way possible? You’ve probably heard the phrase “you get what you pay for”!

2022 Regular Season Pricing

(Includes training, equipment, instructors aircraft cost and HST)

Both packages include the cameraflyer’s jump, video editing, and a video as an MP4 file with your choice of background music. You’ll be able to download the video from a server on the Web . You can bring one or two songs of your own music on a USB flash drive or CD or choose two from our selection. The video is roughly 7 minutes in length divided up into two parts; the first half consists of footage from the aircraft ride up; the second half consists of the jump and landing. The stills package will include High Resolution (12 ~ 14 Megapixel) digital still photos of the freefall. Please note that the videos are done by various skydivers who have acquired the skydiving skills and specialized equipment necessary to capture your first skydive. It takes a lot of skydiving skill to be able to exit an airplane and quickly get positioned in front of a beginner to record those precious moments on video. They have spent hundreds of jumps and thousands of dollars acquiring the necessary skills. Their equipment is expensive, involving special cameras, editing equipment, helmets and jumpsuits.

P.F.F Skydive Pricing

* You may not enter the P.F.F. program until you have completed a successful First Jump at Grand Bend. If you have completed A.F.F. or P.F.F. jumps at another dropzone you may be eligible for a transfer.

** The Solo Package is intended for those who have a serious desire to become a skydiver. The package covers levels 1-5 plus four supervised jumps (required for the C.S.P.A. SOLO certificate) and equipment rental. The price of the package is roughly $100 less than paying the individual rates. If you progress at the maximum rate, at the end of this package you will qualify for your “solo certificate” which (in theory) permits you to jump in Canada without instructor supervision. To qualify for your first internationally recognized “licence”, known as a class “A” Certificate of Proficiency you need to have made at least 25 jumps and completed several tasks. Some of these jumps are solo, where you pay only for your jump and equipment rental. Five of the jumps are with a Coach, in which case you would need to pay for your coach’s jump as well. Further pricing information can be found Here.

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