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Experienced Jumper

2022 Experienced Jump Price List

(Includes HST)


People often say that their weather is special and that it changes quickly. Well, it’s true! Weather is very localized. It can be quite sunny somewhere and a short distance away it can be cloudy. It can be windy somewhere and not so windy a few minutes drive away.

As a very wise skydiver/DZ operator once said: “If you want to find out the weather, first you drive to the dropzone, then you look up.”

If you are serious about coming out, look up the forecast below and then give us a call. There are multiple forecasts below because there is no weather station in Grand Bend.

Forecasted upper winds and temperatures can be found here. These are computer projections, not actual measured conditions. The closest one to Grand Bend is the 15th on the list, with the abbreviation “ECK”. This is in Peck, Michigan which is west of Grand Bend. To interpret these figures, note that the columns are for 3000′, 6000′, 9000′,etc. In each column is a four digit number. The first two digits are the wind direction. For example, “27” is 270 degrees, meaning a west wind at that altitude. The next two digits are the wind strength in knots. A knot = 1.16 miles per hour. So for example the code ” 3025″ would mean a northwest wind (300 degrees) at 29 mph (25 knots). Following the 4-digit code in each column except for the 3000′ one is the forecasted temperature in Celcius degrees at that altitude.